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2012 Sewing goals

I’m well aware of the date – but better late than never – I have a number of sewing goals for 2012.

Me-Made-May brought to you by So Zoe – I see this as a chance to document my clothing and to see how my style is developing as a build more of a hand-made wardrobe. The idea seems to be to wear at least one hand-made item of clothing a day and then photograph yourself in it.

Sew weekly participation – I’m planning on keeping the challenge themes in mind when selecting my next projects. I think the idea of sewing weekly is something that most sewists aspire to/dream of. I’m aiming to match one project a month with the sew weekly theme – Starting with the ‘down under’ theme this week.

Tessuti Dress Making Competition – I think the theme is released around April – So I will have to wait until then to see what the organisers choose for the theme.

Sewing by the Book. I have Twinkle Sew, the Colette Book and the Burda Style book that are easy to overlook because they don’t sit with my paper patterns. In an effort to use these resources I’m going to work through one project a month.

  1. Next Big Thing dress – Twinkle Sew
  2. Meringue Skirt – Colette
  3. Pastille – Colette
  4. White Magic Tunic – Twinkle Sew
  5. A plus A line – Twinkle Sew
  6. Take Manhattan Tunic – Twinke Sew
  7. Coat – Burda
  8. Licorice Dress – Colette
  9. Bag – Burda
  10. Blouse – Burda
  11. Dress – Burda
  12. Carnival Dress – Twinkle Sew

The Couture Dress Craftsy Course – Susan Khalje has just released a Craftsy Course which looks like a lot of fun.


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